WOW! Web Writing And Marketing Writing for Service Businesses

…But We Do Much More Than Write!

Business objectsWriting is the tool we use to define your business, to position you strategically, and to attract your target market. However, web writing and marketing writing are only the tools—and final products. We also use a unique interview technique that combines coaching, strategizing, and writing. This means we work closely with you to dig deeply and uncover words and concepts about your business. Your web writing accurately and authentically represents your vision for your business—and attracts your target clients.

This Is More Than "Just" Writing For Marketing

Marketing writing needs to "capture your voice". It must sound like you and express your business information so that it seems you are speaking. You want your target market to get excited about your business. When your marketing writing is resonant with your spoken voice, you feel thrilled and confident going forward. Your market senses that shift and responds with certainty towards you.

Your Writing Must Be Aligned With Your Business Strategy

The process of writing for the web forces us to examine and evolve your business strategy as we work together. I keep bringing you back to your strategy to make sure your final web content can help you accomplish it. You get more than a web writer. You also get my ideas, feedback and suggestions for other strategic possibilities. This synergistic and collaborative process teases out of you what’s right for your business. Most website content writers do only web content development.

You Get Absolute Clarity on Your Business

Who you want to attract, what problems you solve, and how you work become crystal clear. You may think that you already know this. Typically, clients have barely "scratched the surface" when we start working together. I believe content writers should go deeply and explore how to evolve and expand your business. Writing is the evolutionary tool we use to increase your revenue and profit. When you increase the value to your clients, you are positioned to increase prices.

This Process Tightly Defines What Is Right For Your Business

Crystal clarity moves you to let go of half-hearted, ineffective or "not quite right" language. Many clients (both coaching and writing) comment on the clarity they get from working with me. They tell me how much more confident and certain they feel describing their businesses to others. They seem renewed and inspired by the process of our working together.

I Make You These Three Promises

If you are truly committed and do the work required on your part, I promise you these three things:stairs in sky

  1. Your writing will be finished faster than you’d ever hope to do on your own. It is entirely possible to write your whole web site (or other business writing) within twenty-one days—if you’re committed to the process. You’ll be thrilled at the quality of the results—and the process will be fun.
  2. Your writing will be both business-like and persuasive. It will have a friendly, conversational tone, but be clear, and represent your business professionally.
  3. You will achieve clarity about your business and strategyand your writing will accurately reflect that clarity. We represent your business in writing that is both accurate and authentic. You feel confident in your business and your strategy, and are poised to "take on the world".


Where to Next?

Now that you know have an overview of  WOW Factor Writing, go to Who We Work With to find out more about the kinds of clients we work with.  

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